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Sliding racks and storage

MEDROS metal furniture is different than all others – they have their own characteristic style, they are functional and durable.

  • RMS Twisted

    Dimensions: 0x0x0mm

    Installation rack screw involves twisting angle and shelves. The dense perforation angle screw allows the shelves in any of intervals, depending on the size of the charge stored on the shelf. Standard load per shelf is 90kg, but thanks to special reinforcements of our racks screw can withstand up to 250kg/p (on request)! Warehouse shelving is made of twisted metal black powder coated. Additionally, there is a possibility of ordering options sheet. The legs of the rack are made entirely in one piece. To maximize the stability of the rack use special triangular reinforcement. With a thick perforated angle adjustment of the shelves can be at different heights. Angles are terminated feet regulators.

  • RMW Pluggable

    Dimensions: 0x0x0mm

    Version Plug-rack does not require the use of screws, because the installation is performed on the latch. The design keeps the plug 90kg per shelf. Currently, the selection criterion assortment purchased by a customer often is the assembly, which is why we went out to meet the expectations and requirements of those who need easier task. Warehouse shelving Plug is perfectly adapted to this. Warehouse shelving plug is made of a sheet of black powder coated. Additionally, there is a possibility of ordering options sheet. The legs of the rack are made entirely in one piece. Adjusting the position of the shelves at different heights. Stable construction. The durability of the material. Angles completed feet regulators. Simple installation.

  • Sliding racks

    Dimensions: 0x0x0mm

    The advantage of the system racking is the maximum use of space of the room, by eliminating the access corridors to each row of racks. Transfer rack on rails driving guarantees support for any number of rows from one corridor. Our company offers free measurements and advise on the most favorable choice of interior design according to individual customer needs. Sliding racks find their application m. In. archives, museums, factories, hospitals, offices and schools, shops, workshops and warehouses. Transporters are made entirely as a single galvanized steel profile. Chassis shelves, which are mounted cast-iron wheels, ensures adequate rigidity and durability. The body is made of a rack full of the side walls with holes for screwless attachment to the hooks of shelves with stiffening tie each segment and the shelves daszących. Powder coating prevents corrosion. The shelves are made of a suitably profiled sheet. Between them there are stops sliding, which protect the documents before moving to the adjacent shelf. Three-spoke wheel, chain transmission gear and drive shafts are elements of the drive mechanism. Shelving is also equipped with a plate of plexiglass that allows marking of its contents.