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Why Medros

MEDROS metal furniture is different than all others - they have
their own distinctive style, functional and durable.

Metal furniture

We meet them in offices, schools, workshops, shops or warehouses - metal furniture - because we are talking
about them, organize our lives, and we often remain insensitive to their modest, unobtrusive design.

Durability and reliability

Our furniture is purchased once
every many years, because
it is extremely durable.

High quality furniture

It is visible to the naked eye, both
in the materials used, as well as
and the method of execution.

Best Price Guarantee

By using our offer, you choose
high quality furniture straight from
manufacturer at a very good price.

Precision of performance

We make all details with very high
accuracy due to the use of
modern digital machines.

Individual orders

We offer a wide range of standard
metal furniture, and we also realize
unusual orders based on individual projects.

Meeting the needs

We manufacture furniture with dimensions
and a design tailored to the
individual needs of the client.


We made sure that our furniture
was absolutely safe
during usage.

Desirable characteristics

MEDROS metal furniture is distinguished by:
style, functionality and durability.

Design and style

Our furniture has its own unique style resulting from the use of selected design and construction solutions. They are distinguished by their compact design and design, which at first glance gives the impression of solidity and durability.


The use of specific technical solutions in furniture design ensures functionality and convenience of use for many years.


Metal furniture is by nature characterized by longer durability than furniture made of other materials. In indoor use conditions (office, school, warehouse), the durability of metal furniture is several dozen years.

Production quality

Materials and mechanisms

What metal furniture is made of determines their durability, which is why we take special care in the selection of materials
and components. We are constantly looking for new and better suppliers, because we want the raw materials we work on to fully meet our expectations of quality.

Precision punching and bending

Modern technology park enables us to punch with an accuracy of 0.01 mm and bend with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. This precision of punching and bending sheet metal is crucial for aesthetics and dimensions performed items. Using the latest digital machines, we are able to make every detail with surprising accuracy.

The quality of connecting elements

At the stage of combining many individual elements into a specific piece of furniture, we work precisely. There is no room for errors in our company. All parts must be perfectly matched to each other. The tolerance of deviation from the nominal dimensions of the furniture is a maximum of 1 mm.

Powder painting

Thanks to powder painting, our furniture acquires a smooth, even surface, as well as color and aesthetics. This method of dyeing has one more advantage - it protects the sheet from corrosion. We care for a very high quality bath preparing furniture for powder coating.

Hygienic Certificate

All metal furniture has a Hygienic Certificate.

Experience and reputation

We've been in the metal furniture market
for over a quarter of a century.

Leader of metal furniture in Poland

We are a leader in Poland, currently
gradually rise the world.

Reliability and quality guarantee

Hundreds of companies and institutions in Poland
and around the world already have our furniture.

Availability and quick production

Standard models are usually available
in stock, unusual - up to 7 business days.